Careful psychic guidance

Eva-Lena Bjarneborg

About prophecies
I read an article about prophecies

I read an article about prophecies in a free of charge paper 2006, written by Carolina Gynning, from which I freely translate a short section here:

"I had visited a medium who said that I was to get married with a foreign man with very short hair, incredible rich and who loves shirts. The description engraved itself in my head, and I almost rejected men who did not fit in."

Carolina finally met the specific man, but they did not marry. She does not think that you should trust all you hear from a medium, and with that I agree. The reason is that we form so much in our lives by ourselves, including what we meet with, by how we act, think and feel.

Besides, visiting a medium is not always the same as visiting a fortune teller. And all fortune tellers are not psychic or clairvoyant; some might use intuition or read the person's aura instead. Furthermore, all psychic or clairvoyant persons do not want to prophesy about the future, so Carolina could have used the word fortune teller instead of medium.

No person has a fully predefined future, in spite of the main goals we have planned to reach. We affect the future together, both the personal life and the common situation, and are in need of experiences to learn from. If the environment changes on the way we find new paths, often without being counscious about it. If a fortune teller reveals something that we should had been working through and discovered by our own, we need to learn it in another way. For example by living in another constellation than the fortune teller thought.

As Carolina had been predicted to marry a man described in details, she started to think, feel and act differently and could not live through the reactions and experiences that she would have in a natural way. This might have broken the possible marriage, as the spoken prophecy created a future that was reversed compared to its own content. The connection between Carolina and the man in question should have been different if they were more unsure about each others' feelings and possible intentions etc. Carolina might also have needed deeper experiences with other men before they met, to learn and get what she needed to make it click with this man later on.

We cannot know exactly why Carolina and that man did not marry, but the detailed prediction itself was surely affecting the result.

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